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Marsa Consultancy

Who we are:
We are an Auckland based New Zealand Company involved in the design, installation and commissioning of telemetry and SCADA systems.
We have over ten years experience with the telemetry, SCADA, Proscess Control, PLC and Intrumentation.
We firmly believe in good maintenance and have developed a strong reliable 24-hour maintenance service.
We supply and install PC systems.

Our main customers:
Our main customers include, Auckland City Council, Manukau City Council, North Shore City council, Metrowater and Ecowater.

We have three full-time, two part-time fully qualified staff and three part-time subcontractors.

Our priorities include:

Clear communication with our customers to enable us to fully achieve their requirements.
Design, build and implenent the best salution for our clients.
Provide extensive support for our customers.

Our projects endeaver to be cost effective and highly compeditive in the current market, we will always quote the best engineering salutions.

About Us:
Marsa Consultancy Limited was formed in August 1998 by Mark & Sheryl Flower with the intention of creating an environment where engineering expertise and services could be supplied effectively and efficiently. Marsa mainly operates as a maintenance and service business. Marsa supports Auckland and other North Island City Councils with the design, installation, and commission of SCADA and telemetry systems which monitor water and waste water networks.